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When You Think Your Employer Owes Wages


There are several reasons why an employee might think his or her paycheck is wrong. Sometimes, an employer can make innocent errors while processing the payroll. Other times, it is as simple as the employee forgetting to clock in for a shift. However, there are also times where the employer fails to pay the employee appropriate overtime wages or makes illegal deductions from an employee’s pay checks, which is often referred to as “wage theft.”

Regardless of the reason, what happens when you are owed wages for work completed and your employer fails to meet its payment obligations?

Wage And Hour Disputes Can Be Simple Or Highly Complex

Your problem may not be as black or white as a payroll error. You may be the victim of a much larger issue. For example, perhaps you have been working more than 40 hours a week at an hourly or salary rate, and you have wrongly been informed that your position does not offer overtime pay. Is your company failing to pay you according to the correct employee classification? Were you expecting a company bonus and your payment was wrongfully denied? Are improper deductions being taken out of your paycheck? Are you improperly required to “tip out” other employees? Are you illegally paid a waiter/waitress hourly rate of pay while performing non-tipped duties?

Small Discrepancies Can Add Up. Call Us To Collect The Wages You’ve Earned.

When it appears that unfair employment practices are in play, it is time to speak with an experienced Michigan employment law lawyer – one who represents employees and isn’t afraid to stand up to large corporations with legal departments of their own.

Fagan McManus, P.C., is ready to assist you with your wage and hour claims. Call our Detroit office today at 248-658-8951, or email us to discuss your case.