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Sex Discrimination Is Still Unfortunately Common

Sexual discrimination in the workplace is a troubling trend and one that we at Fagan McManus, P.C., have seen many times. We have represented victims of sexual discrimination for years, and we help our clients create actionable cases. Sexual discrimination lawsuits are often emotionally difficult to pursue. For this reason, you need an attorney who is willing to fight for you if you are facing sexual inequities at work.

What Is Sex Discrimination?

Sexual discrimination occurs when an employee treats you negatively based on your gender. About 30 percent of all discrimination cases are sex-based. Behavior of this type includes being denied raises or promotions because of your gender. It also applies when you are demoted based on your gender.

It can also apply when complaints about unfair practices and actions are ignored. Sexual discrimination may include a denial of working rights and privileges due to pregnancy or other gender-based problems.

How Does Sexual Discrimination Occur?

If you are uncertain of whether you were sexually discriminated against, consider the following questions:

  • Did you feel uncomfortable about the behavior?
  • Were you made to feel small or weak?
  • Were there any threats, explicit or implicit, tied to your gender, such as a demotion?
  • Have you been denied raises or promotions? Have you been demoted because of your gender?
  • Was your pregnancy mocked or put down by co-workers?
  • Were you denied work hours, raises or promotions as a result of your pregnancy?
  • Does your employer provide adequate facilities for mothers to pump milk when needed? And is it possible to do this without fear of embarrassment or innuendo?
  • Do you have reason to believe that you are paid less than male colleagues for comparable work?

Ultimately, the definition of sexual discrimination depends in part on the feelings of the person who is feeling harassed, and to a lesser degree on the intentions of person committing the offending behavior. The best way to assess whether the behavior you have experienced can be addressed with a legal remedy is to speak with an employment law attorney and learn about the full range of your legal options.

How Do You File A Lawsuit?

When sex discrimination happens, it can make you feel small, afraid and weak. However, it is possible to pursue a lawsuit by following these simple steps:

  1. File a charge with an appropriate legal authority.
  2. Wait to receive a “Right To Sue” notice.
  3. File your lawsuit within 90 days of receiving the notice or sooner if required by law or contract.
  4. Gather evidence (such eyewitness testimony or written threats).
  5. Hire an attorney to help you bring your case forward. Support is crucial.

Schedule A Free Initial Consultation To Learn More About Your Options

The complexity of these kinds of cases requires a good employment law lawyer who fully comprehends Michigan and federal sex discrimination laws and is willing to help.

If you believe you have suffered from sexual discrimination, please call 248-658-8951 or email our law firm. At Fagan McManus, P.C., we have ample experience dealing with discrimination cases. We are not afraid to take on any employer – no matter how large. Our goal is to help you combat and address any unfair treatment in your place of employment.