There are many different types of jobs that people work in Michigan. Some people may really like their jobs and other may not, but people generally work the jobs for the same reason which is to earn an income. They expect that they will be paid for the hours they work at the rate they were told they would be paid. To ensure that this occurs there are laws in place that state that people need to be paid at least minimum wage and paid overtime when they work more than 40 hours a week.

These wage and hour laws do not apply to every type of employee though. There are many employees who are exempt from these laws. The employees that are in executive positions, administrative positions and other people who are considered professionals. They also do not apply to teachers and other administrative professionals at schools. Politicians and political appointees are exempt. People working at recreational or amusement parks that only operate seven months a year or less are also exempt. The exemptions also include people working in the agriculture industry.

The exemptions do include many employees in Michigan, but the majority of workers are still protected by wage and hour laws. This means that they need to be paid at least minimum wage for every hour they work. Also, if they work over 40 hours in a week, they need to be paid time and a half of their normal wages for those excess hours. In the alternative if they are not paid appropriately, they need to be compensated in the form of time off at the rate they would have earned overtime pay. If employers do not adhere to these laws they will be violating the law and could be punished.

Employers need their employees in order to run their businesses and the employees need to be compensated appropriately. Many employers pay their employees more than minimum wage and ensure that their employees are paid for their overtime. However, this does not always occur for a variety of reasons. If they do not they open themselves up for needing to compensate their employees in addition to other penalties. Experienced attorneys understand these laws and could help protect workers’ rights.