Racial Discrimination in America

Within the first breath of the United States Constitution, everyone is guaranteed the right to a fair chance at obtaining happiness in life, but prejudice and fear have remained steady obstacles since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Race has played a major role in business and politics, and it continues to serve as a basis for discrimination – even in the modern world.

The Face of Racial Discrimination in American Businesses

Title VII of the Civil Rights Act states that employers cannot limit, segregate, fire or refuse to hire anyone based on race, color, and other characteristics. However, racial discrimination has manifested itself throughout the years in both offensive statements and actions alongside significantly lower rates of hiring, promotion and pay for those in minority groups.

Since the enactment of laws that aim to protect people, discrimination has dissipated but not disappeared. There are still tens of thousands of cases filed every year that charge employers with discrimination.

Legal Recourse for Those Suffering from Discrimination

Historic Civil Rights Acts and a plethora of court rulings throughout the years have helped America establish thorough guidelines for determining if a business is discriminating unfairly based on factors like race, gender and sexuality. The size of the company committing the offense can make it seem impossible to take an employer to court successfully, but even giant, international corporations are not immune. The attorneys at Fagan McManus, P.C., have significant experience representing employees in discrimination cases against Fortune 500 Companies

It can be difficult for someone who is not an experienced employment law attorney to determine whether a case has merit on racial discrimination grounds. Therefore, it is important that you bring the information to an employment attorney like Fagan McManus, P.C., as soon as possible.

Pursue Happiness with the Aid of a Legal Team

If you believe that you have suffered from racial discrimination in the workplace, then you need the assistance of a dedicated legal team who can review your case and effectively present it to a judge. Fagan McManus, P.C., is standing by for any Michigan worker who needs a guiding hand in the courtroom.